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Financial help from Dominion Virginia Power.

Several financial assistance programs and resources are offered by Dominion Virginia Power, including Fan Care, EnergyShare, and help from both federal and state of Virginia government programs. The utility provider is committed to helping as many struggling customers as possible avoid a disconnection of their power. Call 1-866-366-4357, or read more below.

Dominion Virginia Power EnergyShare program - A program that can be used when a customer has no other options and this resource can be their last resort. The program can pay for both cooling and heating bills, including air conditioning, oil, natural gas, electricity, and wood. A one time emergency payment is provided to qualified customers. Most of the aid is targeted at those with an unexpected hardship, such as a medical emergency or job loss. Interested customers need to Apply at a EnergyShare agencies near you.

Low income seniors can be able to receive a free fan to help them cool their homes or apartments from the Dominion Virginia Power Fan Care program. Applicants need to meet income guidelines as established by the Area Agencies on Aging. The charity program is a partnership between Dominion Virginia Power as well as the Virginia Department for the Aging. To apply, you need to call the Local Area Agencies on Aging as this non-profit administers the Fan Care program by screening applicants and distributing free fans to the elderly.

State of Virginia Energy Assistance and Federal Resources - Social Services helps run and provide electric bill assistance to qualified low income families. There are four main parts to the state and federal Virginia Energy Assistance programs, and they include the following.

  • Save money from Weatherization - A free federal government funded program that installs energy saving
  • Emergency and Crisis - If you are faced with an emergency, then the program may help. People in an unexpected emergency situations with paying for repair/replacement of heating equipment, primary heat security deposits, utility or heating bills, or who need primary heating fuel or emergency shelter may get help from Dominion Virginia Power.
  • Heating and Fuel Assistance - This can help qualified households with the costs of paying for their heating bills and expenses.
  • Air conditioning and Cooling Bill Assistance - Financial help for paying for cooling equipment purchases or repairs. Money can even go directly towards paying  electric bills too.

Energy Assistance Fairs - Learn ways to get help with paying utilities as well as tips to save money on electric and energy bills. Dominion Power of Virginia works with non-profit organizations as well as state agencies to hold fairs during the year. This activities were created to help inform customers about energy conservation programs and provide information on government assistance, as well as how to get help directly from Dominion.



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