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Help with bills from Chesapeake Utilities

If you need help paying your Chesapeake Utilities energy bill, below you will find all the resources that are available to you. Low income and people who are struggling have access to special payment plans, budgeting resources, and many other options.

Negotiated and Alternate Payment Options are available if you request them, and if you meet qualifications. Customers who are experiencing difficulty in paying their monthly utility or gas bill and who need some short term help should call Chesapeake Utilities immediately. Various customer service representatives and specialists may be able to help customers with setting up a negotiated payment plan.

Chesapeake Utilities Budget Payment Plan can help customers by allowing them to space out their heating or utility bills across the course of the year. The way this works is that the payment you need to make every month will be based on the past billing history.

The disabled, elderly, and any individuals who live on a fixed monthly income may qualify for help from the Sharing Program. This program offers financial assistance for paying heating bills. The program will provide  a cash grant towards utility bills. Funding is from donations from Chesapeake’s customers, employees and corporate sponsors. Catholic Charities and Salvation Army run this service in Delaware.

Government and Public Assistance Programs - They partner with various local government agencies and programs such as LIHEAP. Applications for energy bill assistance can be picked up at your local Catholic Charities, as they run the program for Chesapeake Utilities.

Dial 1.800.427.2883 to speak to a customer service representative from Chesapeake Utilities and to find how to get help from these or other resources.





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