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Atmos Energy in Kentucky offers help paying bills

Atmos Energy operates in many states, including Kentucky. They offer direct financial help, partner with local agencies, administer state programs, and provide ways to save on utility and gas bills. Between all these different options and resources, Kentucky customers do have options available to them to save on utility bills and get financial help.

Atmos Energy Weatherization Assistance program

The energy provider has a plan in place for their residential customers in Kentucky who qualify for energy-assistance funds. These customers may also qualify for the federal government created weatherization program, and customers can also get free energy education. Atmos Energy is a major advocate of helping customers reduce their energy consumption and lower the monthly utility bills that they need to pay.

High-Efficiency Equipment Rebate

Customers in Kentucky can qualify for rebates to buy Energy Star water heaters as well as natural gas furnaces. Energy Star products can help people save substantially on their gas and utility bills.

Sharing the Warmth Program

This is offered throughout the state of Kentucky. It is funded by donations from customers, businesses, Atmos Energy employees, and local charity organizations. Funds from Share the Warmth can help the elderly, disabled, and low income pay their monthly gas and utility bills, and avoid a disconnection.





Families with children have options

The state of Kentucky Department of Social Services Preventive Assistance Program can provide up to $300 in cash assistance to families with children. The payment needs to prevent the removal of a child from the family due to an upcoming disconnection.

Kentucky Atmos Energy partners with local non-profits

Atmos in Kentucky, the state, and local organizations combine resource to offer help. They created various energy bill assistance programs that can be used to pay home heating costs, provide fuel oil, and other aid. Many organizations around the Atmos Energy service area cooperate. The focus is on the unemployed, low income, working poor, disabled, and other low income customers.

Call Atmos Energy in Kentucky at 1-888-286-6700 to find how to get help paying bills or other support.




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