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Get help with utilities from Alagasco

Several different programs and resources are offered by Alagasco to low income customers, people facing a hardship, and the elderly. The programs include.

Average Monthly Billing - While this will not reduce someone’s bill, what it does is it spreads the customers gas costs out throughout the year, so people can better plan for and budget their expenses.

Utility and Energy Bill Financial Assistance Programs - Alagasco offers several types and forms of assistance programs to help customers take care of their monthly bills. It can include referrals to grant programs like LIHEAP, fee waivers, deposit connections, and more.

Payment Arrangements - Some customers may from time to time face a short term financial hardship. If you are one of those who is difficulty in paying your monthly energy or gas bill, Alagasco will oftentimes negotiate and work with customers to come to payment terms that are satisfactory to both you and the company, and in the end provide the customer time to pay their bills and get back on track.

Low Income and Elderly Bill Assistance Programs - The services and resources noted below are for qualified customers. There are several different financial assistance programs that are currently available for qualified low income customers. These different assistance programs are designed to supplement payments of elderly, disabled or low-income customers who would otherwise be unable to pay the total amount of their bill. Each and every one of these resources to help a customer pay their utility bills. Call them to get information on.

-Customer Charge Waiver
-LIHEAP - Federal and state funded energy bill program
-Project SHARE
-Third-Party Notifications so someone else can pay your bills
-Third-Party Referrals

Call Alagasco at 1-800-292-4008 to learn about these services, or other ways to get help paying utility bills.






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