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Customer Care Program from Eugene Water & Electric Board

If you are unemployed or have a limited income, The Eugene Water & Electric Board is distributing grants and funds as part of its customer care program. They have money that is available for unemployed customers who are currently struggling to pay their utility bills. People can apply even if they've already received EWEB help this year, and the utility company recognizes these are difficult times.

EWEB has increased the credit it gives to unemployed customers to $300 from $200 as part of the customer care program. In addition, any customers who may have already received the $200 credit on or before Oct. 1 can now apply to also receive the $300 in credits.

The credits that Eugene Water & Electric Board provide don't actually zero out a consumer's utility bill. The way the program works is that because the funding comes from power sales, it can only be applied to a customer's electricity usage, and the grants and credits can’t be applied to the water bill or to the storm water bill.

Recognizing that financial hard times continue for of its customers, EWEB commissioners and staff have decided to increase the amount of funding that is available for those who are unemployed or low income.

Unlike other utility and energy bill assistance programs that are specifically targeting those with lower incomes, the credit from EWEB applies to any unemployed customers, regardless of their total household income. Applicants of the customer care program must bring proof that they have received unemployment benefits from the state of Oregon within 14 days of the date of their application for the assistance.

Various charities are organizations also are part of the customer care program. The program is administered by the Lane County Human Services Commission, which contracts with Catholic Community Services, St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, and the Campbell Senior Center to get people signed up for the assistance and grants.

If you are interested in applying or learning more, contact St. Vincent de Paul. Or you can call the utility help line 461-8794 or stop by the social service office at 456 Highway 99 North to apply.




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