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Utility bill saving tips from Entergy

When cold weather hits in Mississippi, Entergy provides customers advice, tips, and ways to save money and also pay their bills. When people turn on their furnaces, space heaters and/or light their fireplaces during December, January, and February, many families are hit with higher utility bills. So in addition to the shorter days and the discomfort that cold weather brings to many people, there is also added expenses and costs for people to stay warm.

So Entergy Mississippi, Inc. suggests a number of steps people can take during this time of year. It includes some savvy bill management, a little conservation, some simple lifestyle changes, and other energy saving tips and advice.

It is important to note that saving money on your utility bills costs doesn't mean having to giving up your basic comfort or change your lifestyle. There are many simple steps that people can take today to help them save money. Many of these simple, do-it-yourself projects can help keep your apartment or home comfortable and cool during the summer, and can help people kid a cap on their utility bills during the colder winter months. The main Entergy Mississippi tips include those below.

Conserve hot water. You can do this by wrapping your electric water heater blanket made just for that, and also set the thermostat to 120 degrees or a medium setting.




Keep your furnace efficient, and do this by replacing air and furnace filters as required by the type of filter or every 30 days.

Save money on Entergy utility bills by adjusting the thermostat. The savings can add up, as during winter months, set the thermostat in your home to 68 degrees. As every degree above that 68 degrees can add 3 percent to your monthly utility bill.

Add weather-stripping around doors, seal any air leaks in your doors, add insulation, and seal windows and any location where there may be a breeze or draft from the inside of your home to the cold outside climate in Mississippi.

If you replace any light bulbs, be sure to replace them with energy-efficient bulbs. Entergy Mississippi recommends people always use Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs that use 70 percent less energy, and they also last up to 10 times longer. So save money right away, and over the long term as well.

Entergy offers all customers in Mississippi with additional energy saving tips. In addition, they provide other ways to help customers of all income levels manage their utility bills. For example, customers and individuals can take advantage of options such as Pick-A-Date as well as Level Billing. Some examples for the disabled and elderly who may be in crisis include referrals to the Salvation Army, the Power to Care program, and more.



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