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Help with utility bills from Entergy

Customers have many different options if they are struggling with paying their utility bills. They have several different assistance opportunities that are available to customers. Entergy strongly encourages customers to contact them immediately, and do not wait until they are behind on their utility bills. People can also call their local  nonprofit agencies in their communities that may also have programs to help with energy bills, such as the federal government LIHEAP program. Some of the resources they offer include:

Entergy Arkansas’ Power to Care - This fund will help low-income, disabled, or elderly customers pay their energy bills when other state or federal government funds are not available. Entergy works directly with the Southern Good Faith Fund to distribute these funds to people in need. Dial 870-661-0322, ext. 31 to learn more.

Free blankets - Another small service they offer is free blankets. Entergy Arkansas has partnered with many local charities and agencies by providing more than 800 free blankets for distribution during the cold weather months.

Payment extensions and payment plans - Another option for people who are struggling with paying their utility bills and who need help. This aid is available for qualified customers who are having difficulty paying their utility bills. Also keep in mind that the company can also help customers avoid disconnection’s and the fees and deposits that often are required to restore service if it has been turned off. Some of the payment plans include :

  • Level Billing - This allows customers to pay approximately the same amount for their electric bills and service each and every month. This in effect makes it easier for people to budget and plan for their monthly utility bills, regardless of the season and usage. Under the Entergy level billing program, each monthly utility bill is essentially an average of 12 months of previous bills.
  • Pick-A-Date - Customers know the best time personally for them to pay their bill each month. With the Pick-A-Date option, they may be able to select the date each month when their electric bill is due, so maybe they decide to pay their bill when they get paid each month.
  • Automatic Monthly Payments - Automatic Monthly Payments will allow Entergy Arkansas to automatically deduct the amount of the monthly utility bill directly from a checking account. So this in effect will help customers in that they don’t  have to worry about utility bills, due dates or paying late fees when they enroll in this option.




Yet another option is energy efficiency programs that are available as well. These programs will help families and individuals reduce their energy usage without sacrificing comfort. For example, Entergy’s new Bill Analyzer program offers customers a simple overview of their energy expense that shows why their bill amount may have changed compared to previous bills. It will provide extensive data on customer usage, energy charges and fees, as well as other factors that are available for customers who want more information on what makes up their utility bill. Contact Entergy Arkansas to learn about any of these options, or apply.




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