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Rochester Gas and Electric utility savings

Rochester Gas and Electric, which is a division of NYSEG, has a number of suggestions for customers that can help them lower their utility bills. Anyone can follow these suggestions or use these services, regardless of their income or financial condition. In order to save money, try some or all of these free tips to save money and energy.

To save money on your heating bills, some of the steps to take include the following. Customers can set their thermostats at 65 to 70 during the cold New York winter months. Even doing something simple like adjusting it down to the mid to upper 50s when you are away from home can save money, as most people will not even turn down their heat when they leave.

Programmable thermostats are becoming more popular in New York. These can be “scheduled” to turn down the temperature automatically based on certain times of the day or week. So you can program the thermostat to turn your heat down when you say go to work from 8 to 5. A thermostat, if used properly, could save $50 to $100 per year on your annual utility bills.

Be sure to have your cooling and heating systems, including your furnace, inspected annually by a professional. Inefficient cooling and heating systems cause people to pay more money than they otherwise would for their bills. Be sure to replace or clean your air conditioner or furnace filters at least once per year, or when they get dirty.






During the summer, upstate New York can have some stretches of hot weather. So to save money on cooling or air conditioning bills, Rochester Gas suggests to consider using window fans to pull in cool air during the evening.

If you do now own, or decide to buy a new air conditioner, before you make the purchase check the energy efficiency ratios of the model. Or buy an Energy Star unit. When you install the unit, be sure your outside air conditioning condenser is shaded from the sun. You can even “create” shade with a tree or fence. Placing a unit in the hot summer heat will take away from its efficiency. New York State Electric and Gas can direct people to rebates as well, and they can be used for installing high-efficiency equipment.

The Budget Billing service from Rochester Gas and Electric can help people spread their utility bills evenly over a one year timeframe. While it would help people save money or provide financial help to them, it is a great service for planning a budget because customers will know exactly how much their utility bill is going to be in advance every month.




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