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Help with bills from Fayetteville Public Works Commission.

Both civilian and military customers of Fayetteville Public Works have various financial assistance programs available to them to help with paying utility and electric bills. Some of the resources include People Who Care, medical waivers, and funds for paying utility deposits and waivers of fees. Dial the utility at (910) 483-1382 to apply, or learn more below.

Military personnel and their immediate family members, as well as teachers, can get assistance with establishing accounts from the Deposit Waiver Program. This will either completely waive the fee that individuals need to pay as a deposit when connecting their account, or it may offer partial funding. Interested parties can apply for the One-Stop Program at the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (Air Force), Ft. Bragg (Army),  or they can stop by and apply at the Human Resource Department of the Cumberland County Board of Education (Teachers).

Fayetteville Public Works has partnered with the Salvation Army to administer the People Who Care (PWC) resource. It is mostly funded from donations from local customers, businesses, and with matching grants from Fayetteville Public Works. This so called project provides low income individuals with funds and grants that are used to assist area residents in need with the payment of their utility and electricity bills throughout the entire year.

The People Who Care program and emergency funding is administered by the Cumberland County North Carolina Salvation Army. They accept donations and distribute funds, with the goal of ensuring that help reaches the people who need it most in the local community. What both the Salvation Army and Fayetteville Public Works want customers to know that is if every PWC customer donates even a small amount (which is tax deductible), the utility provider can help keep hundreds of families who are faced with a short term crisis and who need help from having to make the difficult choice between paying their electric bill or buying medicine or food every month. To learn more about this service, dial the Cumberland County North Carolina Salvation Army at (910) 483-8119.

If you or someone in your household has medical equipment that is needed for a certain condition, then look into the Medical Priority Program. Your power can be kept on under certain conditions if you are faced with a life threatening condition. Fayetteville Public Works will do what they can to offer early advisement and priority restoration to ensure utilities are kept on, and consideration is given to critical life-support households and families in the community. There does need to be proof of course, and the utility will require the customer’s physician as well as the customer themselves to complete a Medical Priority Application.





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