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Additional Tennessee aid and help

Many families in Tennessee continue to have difficulty in paying bills, including energy bills, during this current period of a poor economy. Basic services like utility and phone bills and expenses are putting a strain on people who have never experienced this type of difficulty in paying bills. However, people need to be aware that there is help and aid out there for those who need it.

As just one example, the Metro Action Commission provides aid to help families pay their electric bills. Not only can this assistance agency help people pay their Nashville Electric Service bill, even families and customers who use Piedmont Gas and other power services can also get assistance from them.

In addition to energy bills, another challenge for residents these days is paying for phone service. and phone calls. But there is a program for this as well. The Tennessee Regulatory Authority offers two assistance programs called Link-Up and Lifeline that can assist people and help them get phone service at a cheaper, reduced rate, depending on their finances.






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