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Wisconsin electric and utility bill help

Since a statewide moratorium on electric and utility service shutoffs ended April 15, more Wisconsin Public Service Corp. customers have had their utility service disconnected for failing to pay their bills in 2009 than in any previous year. The Green Bay-based utility has disconnected over 4,000 customers through May 31, however many of them have had service restored. The number of disconnection’s is about 30% higher than last year.

The increase in service disconnection’s is coupled with higher numbers of Wisconsin residents that are applying for heating bill assistance programs, which is just yet another indication that a bad economy is making it harder for many families people to make their electric, heating, and overall energy bill payments on time.

Another sign of the hardships out there is that the organizations that manage heating assistance programs in  Wisconsin are having more people seek help from them to pay bills.

Wisconsin offers a heating bill assistance program, which provides a one-time payment during the heating season of Oct. 1 through May 15. Aid provided is based upon family income. Additional aid also is available for non heating electric energy bills and expenses costs during that time.

A household in Wisconsin is eligible for emergency crisis assistance if the household  received a utility, electric, or heating service disconnect notice. Non-emergency services, where both the agency and customer agree to share in the cost, also are available for households.

WPS will contact families when they are delinquent on their bills and they will also send a disconnection notice to them. Typically, between 25,000 and 35,000 of the utility's half a million customers will face a service shutoff, but not all shutoffs happen at once, and sadly the number facing shutoffs is higher this year and is increasing.






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