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Help with utilities from El Paso in New Mexico.

There are a few main resources for customers of El Paso Electric in New Mexico to turn to for help. They include Low Income Rider (LIR), Payment Arrangements, Weatherization, and Refrigerator Replacement and Repairs. Get details on each service below.

Low Income Rider (LIR) - This provides up to a $600 credit on a New Mexico customers utility bill. The applicant needs to qualify based on a scale that ties to federal government poverty levels. In addition, residential customers of the electric company who qualify for the program will not be charged the $5 customer charge on monthly utility bills by El Paso Electric.

El Paso Payment Arrangement - This is a temporary plan that can be implemented between the customer and El Paso Electric. For those families who are experiencing a crisis or financial problems, call El Paso or write them a letter to ask about this program. As long as you are struggling and have not been issued more than two disconnection notices, then you may b qualified for the Payment Arrangement Plan.

New Mexico customers who qualify for the Payment Arrangement Plan, which is a temporary arrangement that was created for those who are dealing with a financial crisis. After successfully entering into this plan, your utility service will not be disconnected if you pay your current utility bill when it is due. You will also need to pay a calculated portion of the outstanding utility bill (so the arrearage) in installments until the outstanding bill is paid in full. What the utility company has discovered is that this payment arrangement plan may help if you applied for public assistance, social security, federal government Veteran's Administration benefits or unemployment compensation. Each applicant needs to be reviewed.

As indicated above, in order to enter into payment arrangement with El Paso in New Mexico the delinquent amount on your bill needs to be paid in equal amounts over at least three (3) billing cycles. It is important to remember that if you fail to fulfill the terms of the contract that is agreed upon, your service will in fact be disconnected.

Home Weatherization - This may provide qualified homeowners with free energy-efficient improvements to their home. El Paso partners with community action agencies in New Mexico. First, a free energy audit to review how you use energy and how you can conserve will occur as part of weatherization. A contractor will then provide the energy conserving improvements for free.

Replacement of Old Refrigerator with Energy-Efficient Model - Low income individuals and families may be able to qualify to receive a new energy-efficient refrigerator or freezer at no cost. Exchange the old refrigerator for the new energy efficient model. It is done for free. El Paso Electric will pay for the new refrigerator or freezer for the customer, including the cost of removing the old refrigerator as well as the cost of delivery of the unit.

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