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Duke Energy Share the Warmth Program.

The Share the Warmth (STW) program has assisted thousands of South Carolina families with paying their heating and energy bills. It provides financial assistance for heating bills during the winter season for low and moderate income families within the Duke Energy service territory in the state of South Carolina. Since the program’s establishment back in 1985, they have now completed almost 30 successful seasons of providing aid, and they have provided over $30 million in heating bill assistance to families in need across the state.

There are various groups that fund the program, and the money donated goes directly to helping individuals and families across the state. Funding for the Duke Energy Share the Warmth program comes from Duke Energy customers, the Duke Energy Foundation, and Duke Energy’s Bulk Power Marketing (BPM) revenue sharing program. All these groups have partnered together to make it a successful endeavor. Annually Duke Energy customers will receive a bill insert about the STW program. In addition, The Duke Energy Foundation will match up to $500,000 in customer contributions during the heating season. So if you donate, your donation is matched and in effect doubled.

Since the program's inception almost 30 years ago, Share the Warmth has provided more than $20 million in funding to families in need, with $2.2 million collected so far this heating season from Duke Energy, its customers and the Duke Energy Foundation. So the program continues to grow year in and year out, and tens of thousands of people have been helped.

Over 80 agencies and charities within the Duke Energy service territory in the Carolinas assist in the distribution of the funds. You can contact Duke Energy, the Salvation Army, or your local community action agency to learn more and to apply for help.






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