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Donate to Energy Neighbor fund from Progress Energy

Customers, employees, businesses, charities, and Progress Energy all donate money to the Neighbor Fund. This is one of the energy providers main programs for helping less fortunate customers pay their utility and electric bills.

The Progress Energy program is available to over 3 million customers in Florida as well as North and South Carolina, provided they meet qualification. The Energy Neighbor fund is an energy bill assistance program that relies on various forms of donations, and it is offered to all eligible Progress Energy customers.

Those individuals and customers who are experiencing a short term crisis, temporary financial difficulty, or a hardship may qualify for help. Some examples of what your donated money can pay for includes an unexpected unemployment,  sudden illness, death in the family, or an emergency or personal crisis. As indicated, the Energy Neighbor Fund relies heavily on contributions from Progress Energy’s customers, employees, local businesses in Florida and the Carolinas, and matching grants from the Progress Energy Foundation.

In most years, the Energy Neighbor Fund annually matches approximately $1 million in donations from customers and employees with a $1 million matching grant from the Progress Energy Foundation. These funds and cash grants are all used to help low income and less fortunate residents in distress or risk of losing their power. The company’s Energy Neighbor Fund is intended for people facing temporary hardships, such as a medical emergency or unemployment. While funding varies widely, the payment provided for your utility bills can up to $300. It is offered at most once per year, and assistance is distributed through local social service organizations or charities.






The company partners with several local social service agencies and non-profits who distribute the funds collected. Service agencies, community action agencies or United Way organizations all participate. These not for profit agencies guarantee and make the payments on behalf of the customer, and the customers never receive cash. In total, 100 percent of the money donated to the fund goes directly to helping keep the lights on of qualified people. The money stays in the communities in which it is collected, so if you live in Florida, the money will stay there.

Your generous donation will be tax deductible, and the money will help ease financial burdens for many lower income and struggling families who are facing crises such as unexpected unemployment, loss of home or sudden illness. In addition, your donation is matched dollar-for-dollar, with a maximum of $1 million or so, by the Progress Energy Foundation. Your contribution may be tax deductible, and please consult your tax professional if need be.

Thousands of customers across the southeast have received help paying utility bills from the Energy Neighbor Fund and thanks to the generosity of employees, customers, and the company itself.

In North and South Carolinas, call 800-452-2777. Or in Florida, dial 800-700-8744 to apply for help or donate.




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