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Georgia Power customers can get help with paying utility and electric bills from Project SHARE. The program also relies on the donations from members of the community, so if you can, please donate to Project SHARE as all of your contributions will go towards helping the less fortunate pay their utilities. This is especially important to help those who need it most during the holiday season. The program is also run in partnership with the Salvation Army.

Project SHARE is an annual campaign between Georgia Power and the Salvation Army. The program provides financial assistance in paying utility bills for those who need help. People who are struggling, low income, or faced with a crisis are offered support with paying bills. This is especially true when emergencies arise. For example, many people are hit with unexpected expenses in acquiring medical supplies, food, shelter, and more. So Project SHARE can help pay these expenses, and can even help with paying utility bills.

Customers of Georgia Power can support this effort by making a tax free donation to the program. They can simply add any dollar amount, whether $1, $2, $5 or $10 to their electric bill each month. Or they can make a onetime contribution. Georgia Power will then match each customer contribution dollar-for-dollar. So if you donate $10, that amount will in effect by doubled by those matching contributions. Georgia Power then forwards the monies through the Salvation Army Corps Community Centers to customers who need help.

The program has been running for almost 30 years. Over this timeframe Georgia Power has partnered with the Salvation Army (and other non-profits) in order to offer assistance to families in need with utility and electric bills, as well as other expenses. This effort is run across the state, and it provides support to lower income families in all 160 Georgia counties. If you don’t to the program, funds collected typically stay in the towns and/or counties in which they originate, so customers can in effect provide support in their own back yard. So the money you donate may go to help someone who lives down the road from you. So it is truly a program of neighbors helping neighbors in their time of need.

In some years, over 50,000 families and individuals in Georgia benefit from the Project SHARE program, and over a couple million dollars may be disbursed. Since its inception, Project SHARE has collected almost $60 million through both customer donations and the company's match. Georgia Power and the Salvation Army are strongly committed to keeping this service running in order to help the less fortunate.

The motto of Georgia Power is to be A Citizen Wherever We Serve. So to help meet this goal, the Project SHARE campaign is just one way that is done. It can support those in need of help who are closest to us, and/or your neighbors. In difficult economic times or around the holidays, the need for support services can be so great that many people, and some who are closest to us, often go forgotten. So the Georgia Power and Salvation Army Project SHARE program offers a way for neighbors to provide needed support in an impactful way.

To apply, or for customers interested in participating, they can make their selection on their electric bill or make a one-time donation to Project Share by calling 1-800-257-4273. People can also donate money, or apply, by contacting the Salvation Army directly. There are centers located in most towns and cities across Georgia.



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