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EnergyShare from Dominion East Ohio helps with utility and heating bills.

Ohio customer can apply to EnergyShare, which is Dominion East Ohio’s last-resort assistance program for customers who need help with paying utility and heating bills.

The EnergyShare program is supported by donations and contributions from Dominion, its employees, its customers, as well as the general public. The assistance program helps low and moderate income-eligible customers with paying to heat their homes no matter what form of energy they use. So funds are available if the person uses natural gas, kerosene, wood, heating oil. Or any other form of fuel. It is available after they have exhausted all other forms of assistance from the government, so it is a program of last resort.

The Salvation Army, which manages the EnergyShare program throughout Dominion East Ohio's service area, will accept applications in December or January of each year. The program has been operating for almost 10 years, and to date it has raised more than $3.2 million in funds and it has helped almost 16,000 families pay their bills. However, the number of people being helped now is greater than when the program first started. Almost 3,000 people were assisted last year.

The Salvation Army, community action agencies, and other administering agencies can help families and individuals determine if they qualify for help. For information on the nearest screening agency or how to apply, call the local Salvation Army office. To qualify for the EnergyShare assistance program, an applicant needs to live in Dominion East Ohio's service area and also meet one or more of the following:

  • Must be in danger of losing an important heat source or having service turned off;
  • They need to have a household income no more than one-half of the local median income level;
  • They may have lost their job or had a reduction in income; or
  • Demonstrate a personal or family crisis, or a medical emergency.

If you apply and are found to be qualified, eligible persons can receive a one-time cash grant of up to $600 per heating season. Because the administering agencies and Dominion pay all administrative costs of the program, every dollar contributed to EnergyShare by customers and employees goes directly to pay heating and utility bills. The funds provided can be used for any type of heat – oil, coal, wood, kerosene, natural gas or electricity





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