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Delmarva Power program to stop utility service terminations

Maryland based Delmarva Power has extended a plan that prevents utility service disconnections for delinquent residential customers. The company is trying as quickly as possible to create payment plans that would prevent electricity termination for over 40,000 customers across the state. Currently about 40,000 customers are delinquent with their utility bills and are at risk of being disconnected from the service.

For Delmarva, the total number of families that are behind on their utility bills is up by about 15 percent when compared to the same period in 2008. Families with higher power bills also are tied to additional electronic devices in homes that use energy, such as game consoles, computers, and cable and satellite television boxes.

Delmarva Power still will not turn off utility service for now, however impacted customers who are at risk must contact the utility within 14 days of receipt of a notice letter notifying them of payment plan options, and if they do not agree, their power may be turned off.

Maryland implemented a temporary suspension of turning off service effective March 11 after severe cold temperatures in the winter, mainly in January and February shot up heating and utility bills above normal for most customers, many of which are already financially burdened by the ongoing recession.

The moratorium put in place by Maryland period allowed utility companies providers more time to take steps toward working fairly and reasonable payment plans with customers who experienced higher than usual energy bills due to the cold winter.

Delmarva Power is committed to doing anything it can to help the less fortunate pay their monthly utility bills, and keep their power on during a period of a financial hardship.



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