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Donate or apply to the CPS Energy and the Residential Energy Assistance Partnership.

CPS Energy in Texas offers the Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP). This can help a limited number of qualified people pay their utility bills. The program relies heavily on donations from the general public and matching grants in order to keep it operating. In addition, those who do contribute should have some confidence in how the money is spent as Bexar County as well as the City of San Antonio administer the funds for it.

The next time you pay your monthly utility bill, please consider adding extra money to it as a donation to REAP, Inc. You can also make a one time donation at any time. The program was created from a partnership between the City of San Antonio and Bexar County as well as CPS Energy. The goal is to offer emergency help to customers in distress. It can help with with utility bill assistance at most twice a year.

Not only can people make a contribution (which is tax deductible), but also CPS Energy will provide matching grants and an annual commitment. They may offer several hundred thousands of dollars per year in customer assistance. As indicated, the City of San Antonio and Bexar County accept and process applications.

If you need help and are you having trouble paying your utility bill, then REAP (or the Residential Energy Assistance Partnership) may assist. The focus is on the disabled, low income disadvantaged elderly, and other less fortunate customers with small children. All funds are used to help pay their CPS Energy bill. Money can be disbursed for both winter heating costs and summer cooling bills.

Every dollar that you contribute to REAP goes directly to those who are facing a crisis and are in need of help. Qualified participants will not receive cash but rather will receive a credit on their utility bills. This will help ensure the hard earned money you donate are used for the intended purpose. You can donate by adding a few dollars to your payment. Or you can indicate that amount you want to contribute on your bill stub, whether you pay electronically or by paper. You can also donate by using paypal.






Applicants need to be at at or below 125 percent of the federal government poverty level and be faced with a crisis. They need to be elderly, handicapped or require critical-care equipment. Or they can have young or school-age children.

To apply for the Residential Energy Assistance Partnership/REAP, call the City’s of San Antonio’s Department of Human Services at 207-7830. Or interested low income customers can dial Bexar County’s Department of Community Resources at 335-6770. You will need to bring proof of income, copies of bills, have proof of hardship and number of family members. If you are found to be eligible for help, then recipients will receive credit on their CPS Energy monthly utility bills. Also get information on other government programs, including energy conservation.


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