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Help with utilities from CPS Energy

Some of the various programs, services, and resources offered by CPS Energy to low income or struggling customers are listed below. Call them to learn more, or to apply for help.

Hardship programs

CPS realizes that from time to time customers may need some short term, temporary help for paying utility bills. Financial hardships or health concerns may make it difficult during periods of time keep up with or pay utility bills. One of the services offered by CPS is to allow customers to work directly with the utility company, and they may agree to allow the customer additional time to pay overdue utility bills and/pr avoid the disconnection of their natural gas service or electric service.

Customers should call CPS San Antonio to request an extension and set up a payment schedule for paying their monthly utility bills. Each agreement entered into will vary based upon the customers financial situation. As part of the agreement that is made with CPS, they may request that the customer maintain contact with them to continue the payment arrangement in order to avoid a future disconnection of their utility or gas service.

Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP)

The is a service that will help elderly, disadvantaged elderly, and low-income customers with small children in their home or apartment pay their monthly natural gas and utility bills. Bexar County Texas as well as the City of San Antonio are fully responsible for the distribution of REAP cash assistance funds to help qualifying individuals and families pay utility bills. REAP program recipients are eligible for aid at most twice a year, once during the cooling season and also during the heating season. Get more details.

Additional programs

Other programs and options available which may be able to help people pay utility bills include the Budget Payment Plan, Critical Care Program (for people with medical equipment or needs), Senior Citizens Program (extra time for people 60 and over), as well as the Residential Disabled Citizens Program.

Call CPS Energy San Antonio at (210) 353-2222 to learn more about how these services can help customers through a difficult period.





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