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Consumers Energy donation programs help consumers

Several programs are offered by Consumers Energy and they mostly rely on donations and contributions from the community. The company and its partners raise funds from employees, the company themselves, and from more generous people in the state of Michigan. A summary of the different resources are below.

The Pennies for Power Program is for lower income and struggling families in the Lansing Michigan area. Donations from customers are used in order to help with paying utility bills and to more importantly provide shut off protection to those who qualify. Consumer Energy customers can apply, and this may even be offered for other energy providers in Michigan.

While it may not seem like a lot, a few pennies or a dollar or so, when added together with contributions from others, can make a difference to many. The contributions can have a powerfully positive impact on the needy in the community. The Pennies for Power program is both a convenient and painless way for needy families across the service territory and across Michigan. People who donate are called participants, and they will need to agree to round up their utility bill to the next highest dollar each month. The money you donate will go to providing one time utility shut off protection. A focus is on seniors, the disabled, and those who are truly struggling.

Thousands of people donate to the program. There are no administrative fees to support Pennies for Power, so every dollar you contribute goes to provide utility shut-off protection. Hundreds of others receive financial assistance from it. The Pennies for Power Program is run by various community action agencies and non-profits in the region. The non-profits screen all applicants and determine the exact amount of support offered.






Other Consumer Energy programs in Michigan include one time donations. These allow customers to make make a one-time contribution, and all funds go to the less fortunate. Monthly Round up is also available. Customers will be able to round up their monthly utility bill to the next whole dollar. The last way to donate is round up which is combined with “add a Buck”. Your energy company will round up your monthly utility bill to the next whole dollar and then you will add an additional $1 each month.

PeopleCare from Consumers Energy is offered in partnership with the Salvation Army. It is offered to customers who have no other options or resources available. Consumers Energy, its employees and customers also donate PeopleCare bill credits for low-income electric and natural gas customers. These credits can help as the credits will be offered to a customer’s bill based on The Salvation Army caseworker approval.

If you donate to PeopleCare, you can help the less fortunate and people who are facing a sudden financial crisis or emergency. It can offer short term financial aid. The Salvation Army and Consumers Energy always need additional funding for the program.

The last program is People Fund. It will offer lower income customers with donations, and it will provide funds for individuals and community organizations.



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