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Connecticut assistance and help with paying heating, electric utility, and utility bills

Help is available in all areas, including Stamford and Hartford.

Utility and heating companies need to offer a bill arrearage forgiveness program for gas heating customers. All late bills and arrearages are forgiven if a customer makes consistent payments. There are some criteria to be eligible for this assistance, and it includes: arrears of $100 or more that are 60+ days overdue, income thresholds, and you must have had at least $25 paid toward bill by LIHEAP or another assistance program.

State Appropriated Fuel Assistance Program (SAFA)
The Connecticut State General Assembly provides state funds for energy bill assistance to the elderly and also to disabled households who have a limited income.




Contingency Heating Assistance Program (CHAP)
CHAP is an assistance program for those for households with slightly higher incomes than would typically qualify for other energy bill aid.

Connecticut Light and Power
Matching Payment Plan
Customers who maintain eligibility under the Matching Payment Program will have an additional reduction in their past due heating and electric bills by an amount for every dollar paid to CL&P.
Winter Protection Program
This program protects all customers from having their electric service shutoffs or natural gas shutoffs for nonpayment of a bill during the months of Nov. 1 to May 1. To qualify for this assistance, a customer's household income will be considered. Even if you get this help, you should still try to pay what you can each month towards your bills in order to avoid a larger balance due when the protection period ends.

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Connecticut Natural Gas and Southern Connecticut Company
Matching Payment Plan
Customers who qualify for matching funds assistance may have an additional $2 reduction in their gas and heating bill for every dollar paid to the Company.

United Illuminating Co. and Yankee Gas
Matching Payment Plan

A payment arrangement plan that helps qualified hardship customers pay past due electric bills. Past bills may be completely waived.
Forgiveness Program
Residential customers that are covered by the Winter Protection Program and those who heat by electricity may qualify. UI will work with the customer to develop a monthly budget agreement. If the customer keeps that agreement, UI will match the customer's payments.
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Connecticut Light and Power, Connecticut Natural Gas, United Illuminating Co, and Yankee Gas
All of these companies offer Low-Income Weatherization Residential Assistance Program (WRAP), or a version of this program. For qualified customers, they will provide free energy saving products,  advice, and audits, all in an effort to help lower your heating and electric bills. More energy efficient homes and apartments will result in lower bills, thus reducing your need for help paying your utility bills.

Operation Fuel
This is a private, nonprofit program that is called Operation Fuel and it helps provide emergency help with paying utility or energy bills for those people who are not eligible for other aid.

The Windsor Fuel Bank
Additional assistance to help paying fuel bills is available through The Windsor Fuel Bank for both CL&P and Connecticut Natural Gas customers.

Weatherization programs
Almost $70 million in federal stimulus funds will be provided to the state to expand the Connecticut weatherization programs. Low and mid income families can apply to receive aid and upgrades to their home. They can save hundreds of dollars per year on their utility bills.

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