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Help from Columbia Gas of Virginia

Columbia Gas of Virginia works with both the federal government and the Salvation Army to provide help for paying gas and utility bills. The options are noted below.

Columbia Gas of Virginia HeatShare - This particular program is run by the local Salvation Army branch. The service is a special heating and energy bill assistance program that is administered for the low income, elderly, and others who need help, and the Salvation Army of Virginia oversees the entire process. It is only for customers who have used up or who are not able to apply for any other utility bill assistance programs. Each and every year thousands of local Virginia families in need of energy bill assistance and financial support receive help through the support of both company contributions each year and caring customers of Columbia Gas. Dial 1-800-537-7431.

The agency partners with local community action agencies and the federal government to run the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). There is both a regular ongoing payment program, as well as a crisis LIHEAP component. Almost 8,000 Columbia Gas of Virginia customers get help from the program every year.

Columbia Gas works closely with the government and serves as a resource to federal government funds that provide financial help to cover residential heating costs. Under the federal government LIHEAP program, qualified elderly, low-income and disabled customers may be able to have a portion of their gas bills paid by the government through the grant program.

On the other hand, the LIHEAP Crisis program is used for emergency situations. This component of the program provides a grant to customers of Columbia Gas who face a disconnection or an utility service disruption. This can be because of an issue that requires repairs needed to a gas furnace or house line, or the disconnection can be the result of a lack of payments on their bills. The federal government provided grants may be applied to accounts of Columbia Gas where service has been terminated (for nonpayment), or maybe the service has been interrupted (for safety). Dial 1-800-272-2714



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