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Programs in Colorado to help with utility and electric bills.

Find help and assistance in all cities, including Denver and Colorado Springs.

Colorado Property Tax, Rent, and Heat Rebate Programs
This program is operated through the Colorado state Department of Revenue. It provides tax rebates for home heating bills to state residents 65 years or older, surviving spouses that are at least 58 years old, and help to the disabled. Qualified applicants can receive a rebate for their bills of up to $600 of their property tax and up to $200 paid directly or paid as part of their rent payments.

Energy Savings Partnership Program
This program provides free energy efficiency services to income eligible customers in Colorado, the disabled, and seniors. Services provided can include wall, attic, and crawl space insulation, an energy audit, help with air leakage reduction, forced air efficiency assessment, appliance safety inspections, high efficiency lighting surveys as well as other safety inspections.

Energy Outreach Colorado
Utility Assistance Program
Distributes energy assistance funds and grants to those in need of help. The grants will help pay emergency fuel bill crises, and provide help for Colorado's lower income households who may be facing an energy crisis. More.

Colorado Energy Resource Center Program - ERC
The Colorado Energy Resource Center offers free home insulation, weatherization, and furnace services to low-income families. Customers who are currently receiving help through LEAP, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, MEDICAID assistance, or Supplemental Security Income will automatically qualify for the ERC services and assistance program.






Energy saving and conservation
The program to look into is weatherization. This is paid for by the federal government, but is free to qualified renters and homeowners in Colorado. It can help people save potentially hundreds of dollars on their annual utility bills. Learn more.

City of Boulder
Energy Efficiency Program
Provides energy saving improvements to Colorado homeowners.

Colorado Springs Utilities
Home Efficiency Assistance Program (HEAP)
The HEAP program provides water and energy saving efficiency measures, as well as energy conservation education. Some of the services provided include include insulation, energy efficient light bulbs, air sealing, low flow toilets and faucets, and furnace replacement or repairs.

Fort Collins Utilities
REACH (Residential Energy Assistance Through Community Help)
This program will help provides free weatherization services. Some listed financial help may be available from other sources as well. Click more information.

Aquila (Black Hills Energy)
Aquila Cares
This program supports local weatherization efforts including caulking, weatherstripping, and other energy-conservation actions. The energy provider also offers more ways to get help. More Black Hills Energy financial assistance programs.

Atmos Energy
Sharing the Warmth
Helps customers pay their gas bills. Read more.

City of Fountain
Lighten the Load
Utility bill payment help of up to $150 may be offered to help pay water, electricity, heating, or wastewater bills. Must have disconnect notice in order to receive this aid.

City of Longmont
This is a utility bill payment assistance program. To be eligible you must have a disconnect notice.




City of Loveland Water and Power Department
Help a Neighbor in Distress (HAND)
The HAND financial aid project will help customers in Colorado avoid a loss of utility or heating service due to an unpaid City heating or utility bill. Those in need of help will be given a cash voucher or grant. More.

Colorado Springs Utility Company
Citizens Option to Provide Energy (COPE)
Funds to help pay bills are administered to families in need.

Delta Montrose Electric Association, Mountain Parks Electric, Inc., Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
Operation Round Up-Provides funds and grants to help pay utility and other emergency bills.

Fort Collins Utilities
Payment Assistance Fund
Customers of Fort Collins that have received a shut off notice are eligible for help with the bill through the Payment Assistance Fund.

Yampa Valley Electric
Caring Consumers
Provides utility bill help to customers in Colorado.


Location additional assistance and more help in Colorado with electric bills. More.



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