Help Paying Utilities




Electric assistance and help in Colorado.

A Colorado citizens’ group is planning to ask the Rocky Mount City Council to assist with lowering electric rates in Colorado. The organization, which is called “Citizens For Fair Utilities,” wants the City council to declare the month of May “Utility Awareness Month.” The group also plans on asking both residents and public officials to participate in various upcoming meetings to discuss numerous ideas for reducing electric rates and heating bills.

The organization wants this to be the first step in ensuring everybody on the council stays strongly engaged in discussing options for lowering utility bill rates. High heating bill and electric bills are causing extreme hardships on all businesses and all Colorado residents. Some state residents are having to choose between paying for needed medicine, groceries, food, and rent to pay their utility bills, and it is not a difficult decision.

he group feels that the council is the first step to get the utility companies engaged in the process of lowering bills, and they want everybody on that council. The entire council would undoubtedly say that they are for lower utility bills. Also, it is assumed that the council is also for lower food bills and gas bills. But that is not really saying anything as all Americans want this. We want the council to be engaged now in the process of helping people save money. We want action.



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