Help Paying Utilities




Charities and other groups can provide you help with bills.

You can get help with paying your heating and utility bills from numerous agencies, including those below.

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You can also find other ways to get help with paying all types of bills, including heating, credit card bills, taxes, and more. In addition, you can earn extra income while working from the comfort of your home that can help pay utility bills.

American Red Cross - A few Chapters of the American Red Cross will help with utility bills. There are a few chapters that accept money from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program Grant program, but only those few chapters would help. In addition, the Red Cross provides service to military families, disaster assistance, health and safety classes and other community services. Its services depend on consumer need, and the Red Cross must always keep funds in reserve available for emergencies. The Red Cross receives a portion of its funding from the United Way.

Heating Oil Help - There are organizations and programs that offer discounted or free heating fuel oil. Read more.

Operation Round Up - This is a program that is provided by many gas and utility companies across the country. This organization will help provide utility bill assistance grants to families and individuals in need of help. However, it will help with more than utility bills. The program offers other aid, such as help for paying rent, medical bills, heating bills, housing repairs and more.





Salvation Family Emergency Services - Americans can always go to The Salvation Army for help with paying utility and heating bills. The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services helps address the basic human needs. It will provide a "safety net" for those who need help paying bills and if they have nowhere else to turn to for aid. The Salvation Army will provide food, clothing, utility bill help and also counseling. There are many case workers at the Family Emergency Services who will help prevent homelessness through crisis intervention. You can contact your local Salvation Army Chapter for more information on charity services they offer.

United Way - Many utilities companies across the United States will offer assistance and support to customers to help them pay their utility bills. These utility companies often times will outsource the administration of the program to the United Way. You can contact you local United Way office to see if they are aware of any support provided by your utility provider.

California - CARE Program (California Alternate Rates for Energy)
The CARE program will provide a 20% discount on the monthly gas bill for qualified households. In addition, you may be eligible to receive a $15 discount on the Service Establishment Bill/Charge. You can receive your discount after your completed application is approved by your gas company.

California - Energy Assistance Fund (EAF) and Gas Assistance Fund (GAF)
The United Way is the Administering Agency for both the GAF and EAF charities / assistance programs. The maximum help with bills provided through these assistance programs is up to $100.00 for EAF and up to     $100.00 for GAF, and this help can be received only one-time in a 12 month period.

Colorado - Energy Outreach Colorado
This assistance program is dedicated to the efficient delivery of cost-effective energy assistance, providing energy conservation and energy education for lower income, or struggling households, that will help maintain their self-sufficiency and well being.

Florida - Project Share and Project Care Assistance Programs
Many utility companies in Florida currently participate in both the Project Care and Project Share utility bill assistance program. It provides help with paying bills, as well as emergency energy bill assistance to those who need help with electric bills. It also provides repairs to air-conditioning and heating equipment, as well as other energy-related needs. The program helps the sick, the elderly, the disabled, and numerous others who may need help.

Georgia - The Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT)
The HEAT program is managed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources through Community Action Agencies. Both the natural gas industry and private citizens provide funding.

Georgia - Project SHARE
This is a statewide help program that is funded by electric utility customers who donate through their monthly electric bills. This assistance program is administered by The Salvation Army.





Indiana - Winter Assistance Fund
This program, which is run by the united ways, provides energy bill help.

Michigan - The Heat and Warmth Fund
Provides emergency energy assistance and help to lower income families, senior citizens, and individuals throughout the state of Michigan who may be in danger of losing essential heat or electricity services.

New Mexico - St. Vincent De Paul
This is a Roman Catholic aid organization that assists all people with paying for a variety of bills, including energy, gas, heating and even some water accounts.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania - $1 Energy Fund
This charity program partners with about 17 utility companies across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey to provide tangible help to people in need of affording safe and adequate utilities.




Ohio - HeatShare
This program was designed to help and assist those in need with paying their heating bills during the winter season. Most utilities offer it.

Texas - Irving Cares, Inc.
This assistance program has funding available to assist residents in and around Irving, TX who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis and who need help with paying utility bills.


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