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Save on energy bills with Weatherization assistance.

The Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission, as well as most local government agencies throughout California, have received additional federal funds to provide weatherization assistance services to tens of thousands of home owners across California. Weatherization assistance can help families save thousands of dollars on their energy bills.

The weatherization assistance program covers many energy saving improvements, including adding insulation, weather stripping, updating, fixing or replacing air conditioning units and water heaters, the replacement of old refrigerators, and much more. These changes and improvements can save families up to 20% on their monthly energy bills.

Home energy specialists, like Joaquin Garcia, visit homes and rental units and look for any appliances areas of the home that are wasting energy.

They will provide homeowners with a list of appliances, of what they currently own and have in the house and how much it is costing them so they have a better idea of what are some of the habits we all have and exactly how much money they spend on their utility bills for an appliance.

The goal is to do everything that they can do for the homeowner to try to save them energy. The end result is that if we save them energy or money, we save them money they can spend on other life necessities.


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