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Help With Paying Utility and Electric Bills in California

Using the State of California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program, eligible customers can receive help in the form of an up to 20 percent discount on natural gas, utility bills, and also heating bills. Help is available in all areas, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego. To be eligible, total household income is to be at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

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Low-Income Rate Assistance Plans

Low-Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE)
This service includes attic insulation, energy efficient furnaces, energy efficient refrigerators, weatherstripping, caulking, water heater blankets, low-flow shower heads, as well as door and building envelope repairs which reduce air infiltration. These services can help customers in California save on electric and heating bills.

CARE Aid Program
Many California utility companies offer this assistance program. This program offers income-qualified utility customers a 20 percent discount on their monthly bills. Just call your energy provider and ask about it.

Medical Baseline
Most utility companies offer this program. You should contact them if this is your situation. If a household resident has multiple sclerosis, is a paraplegic, a life-threatening illness, quadriplegic, or requires regular use of life-support equipment, they can usually qualify for savings on their utility bills.






Utility Company Assistance Programs

Alameda Power & Telecom
Energy Assistance through Supportive Efforts (EASE)
One-time energy bill assistance is available, up to $200, when a customers electric bill is in arrears.

Alameda Power & Telecom
Energy Assistance Program (EAP)
A one-year 25 percent electric bill rate reduction, free home energy audit, free CFL bulbs, and replacement of inefficient refrigerators is offered.

Anaheim Public Utilities Department
One-time emergency assistance to help pay bills is available for lower income customers.

Bear Valley Electric
Energy saving improvement are offered to customers.

Burbank Water and Power, Southwest Gas, Redding Electric Utility, Riverside Public Utilities
Energy Share or SHARE program
Energy Share is an assistance program that provides help to qualified people who are experiencing an emergency with unexpected financial difficulties, such as a medical emergency or the loss of a job.

City of Healdsburg
City Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE)
Fifteen percent rate discount offered on utility bills, electric, waste bill, and water for income-qualified customers. A one time emergency cash grant is also available.

City of Palo Alto Utilities
Project PLEDGE
One-time annual emergency bill payment assistance can be provided to California families.

Residential Rate Assistance Program (RRAP)
Twenty percent discount on utility bills, including gas, water, gas, and/or electric, for those residents who meet financial qualifications or special medical needs.

City of Santa Clara
Rate Assistance Program (RAP)
A reduced rate is offered to some for utility bills.

City of Ukiah
Emergency energy assistance is provided to help pay utility bills, at most once every two years.




City of Ukiah
Ukiah C.A.R.E.S
Monthly discount on utility bills for both seniors (up to $25) and also lower income households (up to $20).

Fresno County
Is providing millions of dollars in aid for weatherization energy saving programs. More.

Glendale Water & Power
Helping Hand
This will helps customers continue to receive electric service by providing up to $150 one time grant to help pay a utility bill.

Cool Care
A refrigerator and freezer replacement and recycling program for lower income customers.

Senior Care
Discounts on utility bills for all seniors 62 years of age or older

Imperial Irrigation District
Emergency Energy Assistance Program
Customers experiencing a financial hardship can apply for and receive funding to avoid disconnection for nonpayment of their electric bills.

Residential Energy Assistance Program
Lower income customers may qualify for a 25 percent to help them with paying utility bills.

Lassen Municipal Utilities District
Energy Conservation Assistance Program: ECAP
Provides utility bill assistance, with an emphasis on saving programs, to lower income customers.

Lodi Electric Utility
Single Household Alternative Rate for Energy (SHARE)
Thirty percent discount is offered on monthly electric bills for income-eligible customers.

Long Beach Energy
Low-Income Gas Discount Program
Five percent discount is available on gas charges for lower income qualified customers

Utility Users Tax Exemption Program
Utility user tax is waived on utilities, water, discounts on gas,  refuse charges, exemption from sewer service charges, and other aid for low-income seniors and disabled.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Project Angel
This will helps lower income customers, and the elderly unemployed DWP customers, pay their energy and water bills.

Residential Low-Income Rate
This will reduce the cost of electricity bill, sewer, and water services for a permanent, primary residence up to 15 percent from the standard bill.

Modesto Irrigation District
A program will help reduce your fixed monthly charge from $12.50 to $5.00.

Pacific Gas & Electric Programs
Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)
A electric bill rate reduction program will provide help paying for large households of 3 or more members with low to middle income. It is designed for customers who need help and exceed the income threshold of the CARE program.

Medical Baseline Program
Customers who are dependent on life-support equipment or who have special heating or cooling needs may be eligible for 500 kWh of electricity and 25 therms of natural gas per month at the lowest price to help paying utility bills. This is in addition to the standard baseline quantities. Customers are also exempt from the average 3-cent per kWh energy procurement surcharge.

The state funded REACH program helps those in need with saving on their energy bills, and help with paying various energy costs.

Pacific Power
The company offers the CARE Program, per below.

Project HELP
Energy bill assistance program.

Energy Partners Program
Offers attic insulation, door weather-stripping, door replacement, caulking, minor home repair, refrigerator replacement, room air conditioner or evaporative cooler to help save energy.

Pasadena Water and Power
Project A.P.P.L.E. (Assisting Pasadena People with Limited Emergencies)
An eligible qualified electric customer can receive a one-time cash payment grant to help with an emergency financial situation.

Electric Utility Assistance Program (EUAP)
Credit income-qualified customers a total of $5 (after taxes) each month.

Pasadena Water and Power
Rebuilding Together Pasadena
An aid program that will help by providing energy saving home repairs for the disabled or low-income elderly

Pacific Gas and Electric
Generally, state residents can receive REACH assistance once within a 12-month period, but some exceptions can be made for the ill, seniors, and the physically challenged. 1-800-933-9677

Redding Electric Utility
Self-help Home Improvement Project (SHHIP)
Provides weatherization help to lower income customers.

The discount CARE Program is offered to qualified families.

Riverside Public Utilities
Free in-home weatherization services are provided.

An utility bill assistance program that will give a defined quantity of electricity at lower rates to any household with a person using medical equipment full time.

Roseville Electric
Electric Rate Assistance Program
There is a 15 percent credit offered on all electric service charges.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Energy Assistance Program Rate (EAPR)
Qualifying lower income customers may be eligible to receive a utility bill discount of more than 30 percent off their monthly energy bill.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Provides help with energy bills.

San Diego Gas & Electric
Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)
For all qualified households with three or more people, this program will provide a fair discount and help on electric bills, heating bills, and utility costs once your energy usage reaches a certain level. The Medical Baseline program is available as well.

In addition to the resources above and below, they offer the CARE Program.

Neighbor to Neighbor
Helps those customers who do not qualify for any other aid or assistance programs, however they may need emergency or short term help for paying bills due to a temporary financial hardship such as temporary unemployment or a serious family medical issue.

Sierra Pacific Power Company
Special Assistance Fund for Energy (S.A.F.E.)
S.A.F.E. is an energy assistance program for lower income customers.

Silicon Valley Power
Residential Rate Assistance Program (RAP)
Provides a 25 percent discount on utility bills for qualified customers.

Southern California Edison
Energy Assistance Fund (EAF)
EAF is an assistance fund that is designed to provide help paying utility and heating bills to those in need. It relies on donation. Call 1-800-447-6620, or read more.

Energy Management Assistance Program
This will help lower income-qualified households save energy and reduce their electricity bills.

The FERA program will offer savings to lower income-qualified households of three or more that have monthly utility bills that exceed their baseline electricity usage by 30% or more.

Southern California Gas
The California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program will provide eligible customers up to a 20 percent discount on their gas and electric bills. Also, if you are establishing new service, homeowners may also qualify for a 60 percent discount on the utilities Service Establishment Charge if you qualify for CARE within 90 days of starting the new gas service.

Gas Assistance Fund
Qualifying customers may apply to receive financial help in paying their gas bills. More.

Direct Assistance Program
Free weatherization and furnace replacement or repair services.

Energy Team
Provides free energy conserving home improvements such as energy-efficient appliances and other ways to save.

Southwest Gas Company
Provides moneysaving improvements at no cost to lower income customers.

The CARE Program is also administered.


You can find additional energy bill assistance in California and also read more stories about families who need assistance paying energy, heating and gas bills. More.


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