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Berkshire Gas can help you pay your energy bills

Thousands of Berkshire Gas customers in Massachusetts need help paying their gas and energy bills every year. The company offers qualified customers several different programs and services that they can use to make it through a difficult period. Get information on the services as well as phone numbers below.

Berkshire Gas Protection from Disconnection Plan - For customers who are 65 years of age or older, and who are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship, then you may qualify for this program from the energy company. If you do not pay your bill you are provided protection from disconnection of your gas service. The program only runs from the late fall through early spring, and it is for customers who use gas to heat their homes. Call to get more information on the option and to learn if it can help you.

Berkshire Gas Residential Arrearage Management Program - If you have older unpaid bills, or so called bills in arrears, this option may be for you. Under the RAMP financial assistance program, qualified working poor and low-income customers may qualify for forgiveness of past due bills for natural gas service, so their unpaid bill will be eliminated.

Budget Payment Plans - While will not directly pay your bill, it does provide help for your utilities in that you can plan your expenses better. When entering into a budget payment plan, it will allow customers more affordable payments by averaging higher winter bills with lower summer bills. This helps to spread the cost of winter heating expenses over the entire year.






Low Income Energy Bill Assistance Program, otherwise known as LIHEAP, is run by the Berkshire Community Action Council. This can give grants to pay utility and gas bills.

Berkshire Gas also can give access to Installment Payment Plans for Overdue Balances. Qualified low income customers or those facing a hardship may be able to enter into an installment payment plan to pay overdue utility bills. Berkshire Gas will allow at minimum of four months (and some people may qualify for more time) for the customer to pay overdue bills. A down payment may be required to enter into the installment plan, but it will be a nominal payment.

Low-Income Discount Rate - Certain low income customers may be able to qualify for reduced monthly utility bills.

To get help, or learn more, dial (800) 292-5012 to speak to a customer service representative at Berkshire Gas.


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