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Avista Project Share helps with utility bills

Avista offers customers help from a program that relies on donations from the community and is known as Project Share. It can provide qualified customers in Washington who meet conditions with a one time, crisis payment to help pay their utility bills. It is offered as a result of donations and contributions from people and businesses in the community.

Project Share is paid for by employees, customer, shareholders, and even local businesses. All of these groups, and others, may make tax deductible donations to Project Share. Avista works closely with many other non-profits and organizations in the state to administer it. Cash grants are available to those who need help, without regard to their heating or utility source.

If you donate to Project Share, the money will be sent to a local community action agency, which processes applications and also disburses funding. A number of conditions need to be met by applicants, including income levels.

Not that your hard earned money will only be provided to people facing a crisis. You will not be funding an ongoing assistance program. The grants from Project Share will be provided to individuals such as families strapped by unexpected emergencies, seniors facing a crisis that live on fixed/low incomes, or other people facing an emergency.

The main goal is to help families keep warm, especially during the winter months in Washington. It can help pay the bills so recipients of the grants can heat their homes with any type of fuel, including wood, natural gas, electricity, propane, and even coal. More info on applying is below.

The program does rely on donations, and everyone can help and contribute. People can add a contribution to their next utility bill or donate as a one time payment. This can be done anytime throughout the year and you are not limited to when this can be done.






People have the ability to participate with Project Share contributors by adding a donation to your monthly energy bill. Every single dollar and cent you donate is forwarded to those in need of help, including the community's most vulnerable members. Give to the program as many times as you like. You can also decide to contribute as much or as little as you would like to. People can choose when and how much to contribute.

In addition, Avista will often make matching funds and contribute to Project Share as well. The company funds its contribution to Project Share from company and shareholder earnings. On average hundreds of families across Washington and its service territory receive some form of financial help every year. It is a one-time cash grant paid out each year to households.

Energy prices are constantly increasing. Avista recognize this fact and understands the impact that increased energy prices are having on the unemployed and other struggling individuals and families in Washington. The Project Share programs is a commitment to those facing a crisis in the community.



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