Help Paying Utilities




Help with utility bills from Atmos Energy in Colorado

Some different options offered by Atmos Energy to help people pay utility bills include the following. Most programs focus on low income and elderly in the area.

Share the Warmth - This program is funded by donations from individuals, businesses, and Atmos Energy themselves. The program can help the low income, elderly, the disabled, individuals and families in need to keep their homes warm by providing emergency funding to help with a crisis.

Atmos Partnerships - The company runs programs that provide energy bill assistance in partnership with other local agencies and non-profits. Together various agencies work together to help qualified, eligible customers in all of the service areas across the country. The programs will help people pay their home heating costs and bills with the help of various charities, non-profits, and other agencies around the country. The energy assistance program is designed to supplement payments made by low income, elderly, disabled or low-income customers who would otherwise be unable to pay the full cost of home heating costs.

Colorado Energy Efficiency Program is also supported by Atmos Energy. By working with the state, and in close partnership with other gas and power utility companies in Colorado, Atmos Energy is offering rebates and other types of aid for energy-efficiency equipment, low-cost energy audits and more for income-qualified customers.

Atmos Energy in Colorado also can direct people to federal government assistance programs such as LIHEAP and weatherization. Call them at 1-888-286-6700 and ask for help.






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