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Atmos Energy Share the Warmth program for utility bills

One of the main donation and assistance programs available in Illinois from Atmos Energy is Sharing the Warmth. Thousands of local customers receive help from this program every year. It combines donations from customers with company matching funds and all money goes to helping qualified lower income families pay their utility and gas bills.

The program is also run with a number of partner organizations and non-profits in Illinois as indicated below. Those groups also accept and process applications, so anyone who needs help will need to call those non-profits to apply.

Your donation is tax deductible and will not go towards administrative or fund raising costs. You have the ability to help the elderly, the disabled and families in need to keep their homes warm and help them pay their bills. You can do this by donating to your community's energy assistance program.

All money you contribute will go directly to local people (including seniors, disabled and families with young children) in need that meet the Sharing the Warmth. The criteria is established by each individual program's guidelines.




As indicated, Atmos Energy works with numerous community energy-assistance agencies across Illinois. These nonprofit agencies and charities will process and accept applications from people needing assistance. They will share any available donations with qualified applicants who meet their established program guidelines. Also, as noted above, Atmos Energy also wholeheartedly supports this community program of Sharing the Warmth. They do this with donations from its employees, contributions of its shareholders and matching grants in many of its Illinois service areas.

From time to time Atmos will ask customers to consider a voluntary donation to help their neighbors. You can contribute as much, or as little, as you like. Your donations are entirely voluntary. All donations will go to help those who have fallen on hard times. Even a small contribution can mean so much to those who need help. Whether you give $1 a month, $5, $10, $20, or "round up" your payment to the next highest dollar amount. Money will help people stay warm, healthy and safe year round, especially during the winter.

To give you some information on the size of this program, last year, Atmos Energy’s Sharing the Warmth program helped more than 500,000 customers in ten states, including Illinois, by distributing more than one million dollars in energy-assistance funds.

The agencies to call to apply for help are.

Wabash Area Development Inc, phone 618-252-2680
Clay, Effingham, Fayette, Shelby counties 217-342-2193 x143
Bond, Clinton, Marion, Washington counties 618-532-7388
Illinois Valley Economic Development Corporation, dial 217-839-4431
Shawnee Development Council, 618-524-2941
Or call Atmos directly at (888) 286-6700.



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