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Heating, Utility, and Electric Bill Help in New Hampshire. Assistance Programs.

New Hampshire has programs that provide help with utility and heating bills, in all cities including Manchester and Nashua.

Assistance With Utility and Heating Bills

Granite State Electric - Electric Assistance Program
Qualified customers will receive discounts and help on electric service. Find an extensive list of Granite utility assistance programs.





KeySpan Energy Delivery and Northern Utilities
Qualifying heating customers can receive up to a 50 percent savings on the gas delivery portion of their heating and gas bills each year. A household must be receiving benefits from one of a number of assistance programs such as LIHEAP, SSI, or other aid.

New Hampshire Electric Co-operative - Utility Bill Assistance Program
This assistance will help eligible members with a discount on their monthly utility and electric bill. The discount will be based on the household gross income as well as the type of space heating used in the home.

Public Service Company of New Hampshire
Income qualified electric customers may receive help with up to 35 percent or more of their monthly utility and electric bill.

Until (Exeter & Hampton Electric) and Until (Concord Electric Company)
Provides income eligible New Hampshire residents, such as LIHEAP, with help paying their monthly utility bill.


Low-Income Energy Efficiency

Qualified lower income New Hampshire customers that live in an apartment or a house, whether it is rented or owned, can receive help up to $3,600 in services (and up to $5,900 if the customers also qualify for the NH Weatherization Assistance Program). Assistance provided can include a customized report analyzing their home, thermostats, improvements including insulation, lighting upgrades, and energy efficient refrigerators, as well as advice and recommendations on how to use energy more efficiently, which will lead to lower bills.

Some companies will also provide additional assistance, that will result in lower heating bills, in the form of an energy audit, air-sealing, electric hot water measures, and weather-stripping,


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