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Arkansas Source Gas Hearts Warming Homes utility bill donation program

Hearts Warming Homes is program offered by Arkansas Western Gas Company, also known as SourceGas. It can help low income customers pay their utility bills and relies on donations and contributions from the community. The Salvation Army administers the program on behalf of the energy company.

The program runs annually. If funding and donations allow, Hearts Warming Homes can offer energy assistance to people facing a crisis, such as a divorce, unexpected job loss, abandonment of the family head of household, family member ill or hospitalized, etc, fixed income resident with no ability to work, or money for people with disabilities.

The Salvation Army and Source Gas use donations from the community to fund the program. It provides residents of Arkansas a way to give back and help the less fortunate. All donations will be tax deductible and money goes to helping those faced with a crisis. You will not be paying for administrative costs.

The money you donate will only be paid out to those who qualify. It is used for a crisis and will not go towards helping those who need long term government support. So have comfort that your donation will make a difference.

Those interested can Contribute to Hearts Warming Homes by making donations directly to The Salvation Army center that is nearest to them. Or you can donate on your monthly utility bill or by calling Source Gas. Hundreds of residents usually participate every year. The Hearts Warming Homes program is a key resource for the low income, including families with children and seniors.

If you want to help others stay cool during the summer or warm during the winter, donate directly to The Salvation Army to help the Hearts Warming Homes program. It provides individuals and families with a way to assist people and can spread warmth to those in need. Hundreds of people, employees from the utility company and even local businesses donate each and every year. Oftentimes Source Gas or its employees base will also provide matching funds or cash grants.






Regardless of your fuel type, the program can help pay the primary source of heat you use, including heat,  electricity, natural gas, propane, or even wood. If you are challenged with paying your heating bill, call the Salvation Army near you.

Individuals and families who want information on how to contribute, or that need help paying a home utility bill, can request more information or assistance from Hearts Warming Homes. Call or stop by a local Salvation Army center or Arkansas Western Gas office. Or you can dial 1-800-563-0012 or 479.521.2151 fur more details. If you receive assistance in the past and are now doing better, please give back and contribute if you can.


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