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Arkansas programs to help with utility bills, and electric bill assistance.

Find ways to get help in all cities, including Little Rock.

American Electric Power
Neighbor to Neighbor
Provides help to those in need with paying utility bills.

Arkansas Western Gas
Hearts Warming Homes
Arkansas Western Gas provides assistance with heating bills to customers in North Central, Northwest, and Northeast Arkansas. The aid program provides assistance grants that are based upon need and not strict income guidelines. More on Hearts Warming Homes.

CenterPoint Energy
Good Neighbor Fuel Fund
The Good Neighbor Fuel Assistance Fund is coordinated and integrated with LIHEAP aid by supplementing LIHEAP dollars after that program has ended, or when LIHEAP aid and benefits are insufficient to pay the households bills. Find more ways to get help from CenterPoint Energy.

Entergy Arkansas
Sales tax exemption on utility bills for the first 500 kWh that is used each month for customers with an annual household income of less than $12,000. Not paying sales tax can help with paying bills.

Beat The Heat
This program provides fans during the hot summer months.




Power to Care
This will provide crisis assistance and help with emergency bills, only once per calendar, and it focuses on the disabled and elderly on fixed incomes. It provides a cash payment that can be used towards the household's electric bill.

Find more programs and ways to get help from Entergy Arkansas.

Empire District Electric Company - Empire's Action to Support the Elderly Program, know as EASE
This assistance program provides security deposit and late fee waivers for disabled customer as well as seniors age 60 and older.

Project Help
Project Help is another program that extends a helping hand to needy senior citizens 55 years or older and handicapped persons, and will help them with paying bills.

Get information on additional ways to get help with utility bills from Empire District.






Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association
This organization helps those of lower income both gain the basic necessities as well as attain economic self-sufficiency. This group will help those in need gain care and education for their preschool and infant children; decent weatherization and repairs of their homes to save energy; help with nutrition; education, training and employment; transportation; and last, but not least, assistance paying utility bills.

Energy conservation and weatherization
The federal government funded weatherization program can help families in Arkansas save money on their utility bills. The program will pay for improvements to qualified individuals homes and residences. Community action agencies across the state accept applications, and they can provide more information. Click here.


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