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More Arkansas Residents Seek Help with Utility Bills

Over 500 people applied for immediate help with paying utility and electric bills, and aid to keep their utilities on during an event held at the state fair grounds Thursday.

A one day event to issue help through the LI-HEAP program was help by the Central Arkansas Development Council (CADC). The CADC has stated that it is seeing more and more Arkansans qualifying for the low-income energy assistance. The group says it has already assisted 10 thousand families since January of this year. In contrast, the CADC helped just over 15 thousand families in all of 2008.

With the weak economy, many families in Arkansas need to decide between paying their utility and electric bills, and providing food for their families. The energy companies across Arkansas have a number of low income and financial assistance programs for the low income, seniors, unemployed, and elderly.

In addition, the companies will often hold workshops and sessions that families can attend. These workshops allow customers to meet with representatives who can either help them apply for aid, or provide tips on how to save money. Workshops provide people with immediate feedback, and face to face communication. This is much more effective than talking with a customer service representative over the phone, and it allows people to get immediate results and answers to their questions.

Contact the Central Arkansas Development Council (CADC) at 501.603.0909. They have numerous offices around the state.


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