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Wisconsin energy bill assistance program

The federal government has released funding for the Wisconsin energy assistance program. The program is targeted at low to moderate income households, and it will help those families pay both their heating and utility bills. Energy Assistance will not pay the total amount of your heating bills. The amount of heating and utility bill assistance provided will vary according to several factors, including the households income, size, and the amount of their utility bills.

Almost $150 million will be made available to the state of Wisconsin to provide help to those families who need it.

The good news is that more Wisconsin individuals and families will be able to take advantage of the assistance program this winter because of changes enacted by the federal government and Wisconsin state Legislature that increased the income eligibility levels for the program. This year it is expected that about 255,000 Wisconsin families will receive help paying utility bills. It is also important to note that by Wisconsin state law, utility and gas companies cannot disconnect their customers from November 1st to April 15th.

The enrollment period for applications for the program start in November of each year and it continues through May 15.

Another group the program focuses on are those who are facing disconnection. People who are disconnected from their service or who are in danger of being disconnected from their service are encouraged to apply as funds will be provided to them so that they can continue to receive heat.

As mentioned above, please note that The Energy Assistance Program has raised its income limits, so more people can receive help this year. However, because the income amounts have increased this year, the grant amounts provided to each person for their bills will be less than in past years.

You can contact the Energy Assistance Program Hotline at 414-906-2800 for more information or to apply for aid.





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