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Help from Appalachian Power Neighbor to Neighbor Program

A new program has been created by Appalachia Power. The Neighbor to Neighbor Program, which is a utility bill assistance program that is administered by the Dollar Energy Fund, Inc. was created in a partnership with Appalachian Power. Together these non-profit agencies are working hard to help low and moderate income Appalachian Power customers living in both Virginia and Tennessee by providing help to customers so they can pay their utility bills. People can apply for help at their local community action agencies, or call the number below.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Program helps struggling, elderly, and low-income Appalachian Power customers who are having difficulty with paying their heating and electric bills. Qualified customers will receive a grant that will be applied directly to their Appalachian Power bill to help them pay it.

The program is fairly new and it was created in November 2009. During the first two months over 1,000 Appalachian Power customers have received approximately over $250,000 in utility bill assistance to help them keep their power on or have their service restored.

The program focuses its attention on people who are undergoing a time of hardship. For example, a job loss, medical emergency, or unexpected hospital bills. The Neighbor to Neighbor Program will be able to help some of these people pay the amount owed to avoid termination.

The Dollar Energy Fund is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. The non-profit organization has provided over $60 million in utility assistance grants to more than 250,000 low-income families and individuals in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee since the program was created.

If you are a customer who needs help with paying your Appalachian Power, you can dial 1-800-956-4237 to learn more about resources and programs available to you and to learn if you can qualify for either the Neighbor to Neighbor Program or one of the Appalachian Power other payment assistance programs which will help people pay their utility bills.



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