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Ameren Keeping Current Energy Bill Program

Low-income electric customers of Ameren have another program that can help them with paying utility bills. Qualified customers can receive assistance to help make their monthly utility bills more affordable and more likely to be paid. The new program, which is being called “Keeping Current” will help those Missouri  customers who fall at 100 percent or below the Federal Government Poverty Level (FPL). There can be exceptions though to the income levels. For example, there can be exceptions made so that customers whose income is up to and including 135 percent or so of the poverty level may also be able to qualify for help.

Details of Keeping Current

The new program known as Keeping Current consists of two main components for people who need help. The first is both a cooling and heating program. As part of the heating program component, customers who qualify for the program will receive utility bill credits on their monthly bills, and the customers will also receive a reduction in the amount they owe on past due Ameren Missouri electric bills. This is known as arrearage reduction or waivers. This will occur if the customer remains enrolled in the program. It is important to remember that customers need to stay current on their bills to continue receiving the benefits of the heating program. The programs are seasonal, and the cooling program participants will receive bill credits during the summer months of June, July and August to help offset the costs of higher electric bills due to the heat that occurs during the summer.





The customer needs to apply to different organizations, as the funds and credits will be managed by various organizations. Selected energy-assistance organizations and non-profits in Missouri that distribute Dollar More funds will also help determine which low income customers qualify to enroll in the Keeping Current program. Customers who are interested in this utility assistance should contact a Dollar More agency at 800.552.7583 for information.

Donations will be used to start the program. Ameren Missouri will contribute $1 million from company profits to help fund “Keeping Current” for two years. In addition, individual electric customers will contribute to the program through a surcharge, which will cost residential customers about 3 cents per month. This pilot program was created as part of a collaboration with AARP/Consumer Council of Missouri, Inc.; Missouri Retailers Association; the Missouri Public Service Commission staff; as well as the Missouri Industrial Energy Consumers.



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