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Help with utilities and bills from Alliant Energy

There are a total of four primary energy assistance programs offered by Alliant Energy in Wisconsin. They include LIHEAP, the Hometown Care Energy Fund, Weatherization, and locally based Energy Assistance Centers.

Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund - This was created and is funded from customer donations, direct funds from local businesses, as well as Alliant Energy. Using the Hometown Care Energy Fund, Alliant Energy offers its customers a variety of free, confidential financial help for many of its customers, including the disabled, elderly, unemployed, and others who are going through a hardship. The funds are distributed by a number of local community-based non-profit organizations for distribution to customers in need. The average amount of financial help provided for paying bills is around $300 per month, and thousands of people receive financial aid each and every year. Aid is offered for low income customers.

Energy Assistance Center - While they do not provide money to qualified customers, they are a great place to get information on various financial assistance and grant programs. Information is also available to customers on the status of their accounts.

Weatherization is a government funded program that may be able to increase the energy efficiency and conservation measures of individuals homes. The homes need to be occupied by low to moderate income families and individuals, and facilities may be able to help people save on and reduce their home energy bills and costs while safeguarding their health and safety. Some of the direct assistance provided can include insulation, a free energy audit, furnace repair/replacement, and other forms of financial aid and support.

Alliant Energy Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is also offered for Wisconsin area customers. Grants and other forms of financial aid can be used to pay winter heating bills, and even expenses during the summer. There is a crisis component, which can provide funds priority to disconnection, and there is also money offered to help people pay a regular scheduled, monthly utility or heating bill.

Call Alliant Energy in Wisconsin at 1-800-255-4268 to learn more about these options, or other ways to get help with paying utilities.





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