Help Paying Utilities




Help and assistance paying utility and heating bills in Alaska

Find help in all areas including Anchorage.

Power Cost Equalization Program (PCE)
The PCE program will provide grants and economic assistance to families and customers living in rural areas of Alaska where the kilowatt-hour charge for electric bills can be three to five times higher than the charge in the more urban areas of the state. This assistance programs goal is to equalize the power cost per kilowatt-hour statewide.

General Relief Assistance (GRA)
GRA will provide for the basic needs of Alaskans if they are not eligible for other help or state assistance programs. Examples of basic needs that can be provided include shelter, and help with utilities. The GRA program can also provide limited assistance for food, clothing, transportation, medical care and burial expenses.

Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA)
This is a free energy audit and energy saving program. Measures are provided for free to Lower Income Weatherization Assistance Program recipients.



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