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Get help with paying utility bills

You can get help paying utility bills through many programs offered by states, utility companies, and other organizations. Due to the escalating costs of just about everything, from food to electricity, it is becoming more of a struggle every month for families to stay current on their bills.

This site will provide you the information you need to obtain help with utility bills, including your electricity, heating, water, and your overall utility bill. We will also show you some of the numerous free and simple steps you can take yourself to lower your utility and electricity expenses. Get details on what the program is called and how it can help you, and then call your utility company and refer to the service.

Hardships are being felt by everyone, so never feel bad or hesitate to look for help. For example, in Massachusetts, nearly 500,000 are enrolled in the state's assistance programs, the highest in history. Soaring food and utility prices, combined with a sluggish job market, have boosted the number of Americans seeking help paying utility bills, as well as help with food and other bills.

Find tips and ways to lower your utility bills by taking a few small, free steps.

Select your state below to learn more about programs to help with paying utility bills and how to achieve lower electricity expenses. Each state will have its own specific programs that offer help with electric bills and assistance for paying utilities. Options can range from energy conservation programs like weatherization to emergency cash grants or financial assistance.




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Or if your state is not listed above, find help with utility and electric bills in other states. Information is available for every state by exploring the resources and services on this site.






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